This page shows you a selection of the products and prices available from us direct.There are many other products available to us and if you have any enquiries at all please contact us via the contact page and we will get back to you immediately.

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Top quality, 5mm thick, rubber non slip mousemat,

 printed with your own badge/logo/image.(full colour)

10+ = £2.25 each


We can produce these mats to any specification you require,

and are available in 2 high quality finishes, either matte or gloss.











60mm x 42mm acrylic key-ring, 2 sided, printed again,

with full colour image or logo of your choice.

10-20 = £1.50 each

20-30 = £1.25 each

30+ = £1.10 each


These key-rings are very versatile, and individually bagged

You could have different

images on each side, or indeed any image which could be

 changed if  you req. more.




 Fridge magnets



 80mm x 52mm acrylic fridge magnet printed in full colour

 to your own spec.

10-20 = £1.25 each

20+ = £1.05 each


Again, individually bagged, and you could change the image should you wish to re-order.







Laminate Car Hangers






Double sided car hanger with sucker, available in any shape, any colour, with your chosen logo/text.


Excellent for Team shirt use, or even advertising.


10+      = £1.50 each

                                         20+     = £1.25 each

















We can supply brilliant designer thermal Jaquard scarves, designed to suit your own requirements for free.


Our scarves are double knit thermal scarves and are manufactured to the highest standard, and you'd be surprised at how little they can cost.


And the beauty of our scarves?


You can order your own scarves designed to suit in as few as 50 pcs


Drop us a note and we'll sort it out for you.







Baby bibs 





Large (32cm) White Velcro fastening bib with your chosen logo/image/photograph printed on one side.


3+ = £3.50 each (full colour)


We can design a print for you (free), or you can supply an image and we'll add the text that you want, the possibilities are endless.




















Excellent individually bagged, easi-grip pens available in 5 colours printed using your own club badge and details


10-24 pens only £1.25 each

25+ pens only £1 each


Pens available in  Black, Blue, Red, Orange, and Green.










Autograph books







Excellent a6 autograph books, designed to your own specification for free

just the ticket for your clubs' autograph hunters.



6+ only £1.45 each 






Baby Vests



We can produce vests in various sizes, again to your own spec.

We only ask that you order at least 3 per size  


3-12 = £3.50 each (full colour)


12+ = £3.00 each (full colour)

We have many "baby" designs which can be "coloured" in any way you wish, or you could just have text, or a mixture of both.









Boxer shorts


We only ask that you order your shorts in size sets of 3.  e.g. 3 x large etc. 

3-12 = £2.75 pr (full colour)

12+ = £2.50 pr (full colour)


The most popular design for these is to have your badge/image/logo printed on the left/right leg of the shorts.







Standard sized white cotton pillowcase printed full colour on one side with your chosen badge/image/logo/text.


6-12 = £3.50 each

12+ = £3.25 each









Our pennants are top quality again can be printed to your own specification using both text and images in full colour.

They are available in chevron shape.

They consist of a white background, with edging and fringes in the colour of your choosing.

We can also produce "one off" pennants for cup ties, special events etc, just let us know what you need and we'll sort it all out for you.

10" x 7"

10+ = £6.00 each




 Teddy bears






Our bears come in a honey colour and are available in 1 size

10" bear with full colour printed white t-shirt (fully moveable joints) printed front and back.


10+ = £5.95 each


The t-shirts can be printed with anything you like. Badges, text, logos' photographs, It is entirely your choice.






Baby Sleepsuits 



Our sleepsuits come in three sizes and again the design is of your choice, be it a club badge, logo, slogan, etc, the choice is yours.

Again we only ask that you order in size sets of 3.



3-12 suits £3.50 each (full colour print)

12+ suits £3.00 each (full colour print)

We have many "baby" designs which can be "coloured" in any way you wish, or you could just have text, or a mixture of both. "MY DADDY/MUMMY LOVES ME" is a popular favourite, again, the possibilities are endless.






Enamel Badges



  We have produced enamel badges in all shapes and sizes for many different organisations, and the benefit of our badges?..........YOU CAN BUY THEM IN MULTIPLES OF 50.

Enamel badges are priced depending on size, shape, and number of colours, and start from around £1.50 each, just drop us a note of your requirements for a quote, and again, design and origination is FREE.











Our mugs are 10oz coffee mugs with a full colour screen print designed to your specification. The beauty of these is that you can order in multiples of 36.
Mugs are priced depending on print and colours, just drop us a note for a quote.











Excellent carbon fibre golf brolly, making it extremely light yet extremely durable.

Available in various colours with your badge/logo printed onto as many panels as you like.

These brollies come individually bagged and are very reasonably priced, just drop us a line or give us a call with your enquiry.












We can supply window stickers in any colours, shapes, and sizes, at excellent prices, in again, low order numbers.

Just drop us a note with your requirements for a quote.

We can supply self cling (re-useable), front adhesive, and rear adhesive stickers, with no colour limits, all designed for you free of charge 










Again, these are produced to the customers own specification and are Ideal for stag parties, hen parties, cricket tours, or indeed any application you desire. 

We have produced Designer T-shirts for Gaming teams, Paintball teams, football clubs, cricket clubs, and even nursery schools, all of which at a price to suit the customer

We can also produce "one off" t-shirts, if you just want something different for yourself, or for a special occasion.














We produce rulers in 2 sizes, again designed to suit your specification, and can carry anything you like, from images, logos', photographs, text, in fact anything you like.

We will of course design your rulers for you free.


6" ruler designed to suit

1-12 - £1.25 each

13+ - £1.00 each

12" ruler designed to suit

1-12 - £1.50 each

13+ - £1.35 each











These gym bags are highly versatile and come in a full range of colours.

Prices include a full colour print (approx 10" across) or your chosen design.


Ideal for swimming, the gym, school, training, or even just for using when out and about.

1-10 £3.95 each

10+ £3.80 each






We can also supply "Iron On" Transfers to suit your requirements from as little as 75p per transfer.



Transfers are again produced to suit the customers requirements, and are priced accordingly. E.G. 20 x 4" round club badge transfers in full colour would come in at 75p per transfer. (Ideal for boys clubs, cricket clubs etc, and provide an excellent low cost means to personalising your own items of clothing) Each set of transfers comes with easy to use instructions.





       Club Ties,   Golf gloves,          

Club footballs,  Mini car scarves,  Pens, 

Drinks-coasters,  Yo yo's, Tea towels, Sweatshirts,

 Hoodies,  Hats and Polo shirts.





These are just a few of the other Items that we can also supply.


You can even pay using PAYPAL if you want, which, of course is the case with all of our merchandise.






Again, if you have any questions or queries about any of the above, be it, design (free remember) pricing, or individual items, please do not hesitate to contact us via the information on our contact us page.


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